Cerrojo eléctrico de perno con liberación por llave

Cerrojo eléctrico de perno con liberación por llave de ambos lados

Código: NI-600T

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NI-600T Fail Secure Sturdiness Electric Bolt with Cylinder for Narrow Door , coming with Mechanical lock cylinder. High security locks suit for narrow-framed wooden doors, metal doors, fire doors,glass doors. Lock body are made of 304ss high hardness, corrosion resistant stainless steel, all solid lock withstand 3000 pounds linear positive impact. Owning unique Emergency mechanical locks, used in emergency situation. Special photoelectric control ultra-low temperature, low efficacy,Safe and reliable energy saving.

– Fail-secure type: Power to open
– Fail secure narrow door electric bolt with cylinder /singal,time&open wire
– Start Current: 950mA
– Standby Current: 150mA
– Fail Safe: Power to open
– Face Plate: 210L*25W*42H(mm)
– Strike Plate : 90L*25W*3H(mm)
– Bolt :16mm DIA,stainless steel 16mm throw
– Solid Bolt: Polishing housing, 1000kg Holding Force
– Suitable for: Woodeng Door,Glass Door,Metal Door,Glass Door
– Autolock Time Delay: 0,3,6,9sec
– Weight: 1.25kg


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